• Rob the Robot (1) - Let me introduce you

    I've always wanted to build a robot, but yet I did not build one! In this introduction I will shortly write about what I want to do about this dilemma and the components I have in mind to solve it.
  • My OpenBSD server (4) - Making ssh more secure (UPDATE!)

    I wanted my server's ssh access to be much more secure than default. This includes choosing strong algorithms for authentication, integrity and encription as well as setting up a two-factor login via Google Authenticator.
  • My OpenBSD server (3) - A virtualized network with OpenBSD's vmm

    I wanted to setup a network of virtual machines on my server. Each VM shall provide its specified service on a dedicated subdomain. I need to create the VMs, establish a virtual connection to my server, handle forwarding of packages with pf and redirecting subdomain requests.
  • My OpenBSD server (2) - A simple first server

    I'm setting up a simple server in OpenBSD. This includes installing OpenBSD and configuring the network. Also I needed to enable port-forwarding on my home router and establish a dyndns service for updating my domain to point on the frequenctly changing IP.
  • My OpenBSD server (1) - My first blog post!

    An introduction to my OpenBSD server setup.

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